PLAYING IN COZUMEL - November 19, 2008

  • Published May 5th, 2009 by Huth & Booth

We just got back from a short trip with the Riverview Chamber to Cozumel on the Carnival Inspiration. The colors and the sights were awesome! And we had our trusty Nikons with us and each took over 300 images while we were gone. We love what we do and having a camera in our hands and "snapping away is such fun for us, that you could say we take our work home with us. It is such a wonderful thing for us that we love going to work each many people just exist in their jobs, but we love it all. As we sailed out of the Bay the sun had set and the bridge was off in the distance and barely visible. This has become one of my favorite images from the cruise.

So peaceful and serene. We spent Thursday evening and Friday sailing from Tampa to Mexico and had a sunny, warm evening and day. We arrived early Saturday morning and were in for a real treat as the day was even prettier than the day before. Everyone was off the ship early and we set out on our explorations.
Cruise ship

This was our ship in port at Cozumel. The colors of the small center at the dock were a-blaze with oranges, purples, golds, reds, greens. We had such fun wandering around and catching small pieces of the flavor of the area.

Cozumel Street

This is one of the little side streets. Couldn't you just sit in the shade here and enjoy watching the people go about their business?


The bright sun threw shadows everywhere and made pleasing patterns for us to record. Sunday was cold and windy. We stayed in reading books and wandering around the ship. We got home to Tampa and Brandon Monday morning and have been hard at work/play since. I did have time to create a kaleidoscope of several of the images I took in one of the little stores. Hope you enjoy it.