Pets and Seniors (Furry Friends and Saucy Ladies) - November 11, 2008

  • Published May 5th, 2009 by Huth & Booth

Here at Huth & Booth we specialize in photographing families and this means the pets. We both love animals and have had dogs all our lives. When our families bring their pets we feel we are not only saving memories of the human family members, but are preserving our "furry" family members as well. Today we photographed the Jackson family and their pets; Lucky, the cat, Strawberry and her daughter, Tinker Bell, beautiful Cockers. They were a fun family and we loved working with them. And look at these precious "furry" friends.

After their session we photographed another Bloomingdale Senior. This time we had a great time with Aryn Plas. She plans to go to USF next year and study engineeriing, She's not only pretty, but smart as well. We met her family the beginning of the year when we photographed their family. Aryn has a sister, Leigha, who is in Kindergarten this year at Cimino Elememntary. Here are a couple of the images from her session.

Have a good week we will see you here when we get back from our weekend away.