Halloween Photo Tips

  • Published October 27th, 2009 by Huth & Booth


Halloween - the time of spooks and goblins. It is s favorite holiday for many and here are a few tips to help you with your family photos that night. Sorry not to have a lot of photos to illustrate this, but hopefully these tips will help you with your fun photos for "Trick or Treat."

1. Tell a story. Get them dressing, putting on makeup. Keep your camera handy to record whatever happens.

2. Avoid flash reflections. Keep children away from reflective surfaces, like glass and shiny wood or shoot into a corner to avoid the reflection.

3. Move in close, use your zoom
, check on the closest focusing distance, and don't get closer than that. Use the macro mode on your camera to get in close to photograph details...Faces, eyes, little details.

4. Stay within your flash range. If you don't your photos will appear dark. Check your screen on the back of the camera. If the image is dark, move closer so flash will cover subject.

5. Add action. Get your child to play the part. Have him act like a soldier, or be a clown; have her dance like a ballerina.

6. Capture the mood. Use light from pumpkin to light the scene,or your child's face. Turn off flash and use tripod or hold camera very steady and try a few shots.

7. Use night mode on camera. Use gentle pressure to release the shutter to prevent camera movement and blurry photos. Night mode adjusts for low light situations and allows more of the scene to show. The background will not be as dark.

8. Start early before it gets really dark and try using natural light, no flash. Best photos are done in
late afternoon or early evening. Use fill flash if the child does not show up.

9. Photograph your jack-o-lanterns so they look like jack-o-lanterns. Do not use flash. Carve bigger openings so more light will show. Hold camera real steady, try photographing at dusk rather than later in the evening. Add porch lights, or room lights. You can prevent blur by using a tripod, if you have one. Do several different photos to get one good one.

We hope these tips help you get some outstanding photographs on "Trick or Treat" Night.