Trends in Children's Photography

  • Published September 17th, 2009 by Huth & Booth

There's always something new out there and we have heard of the newest trend in Child Photography. Instead of using the plain clothing and subdued colors that photographers have traditionally leaned towards, we are now using the bright, psychedelic colors that are favored by the young mothers and clothing manufacturers. Last weekend we were in Fairfax, Virginia, visiting Ed's daughter and his granddaughter's. One just 9 days old.

While we were there, we photographed Addison's three year old portrait. We had a fun time going through her closet and picked a couple of bright outfits to try. Here are our results.

You can see the saturated colors and the fun feel of the images. We also did a more traditional look in the woods with her dog, Cali.

Now having shown you pictures of Addie, we couldn't we couldn't close this post without showing off the new baby and what better way than with her big sister.

More about chldren's photography later. Have a good day.