4 Tips about Good High School Senior Photography

  • Published August 31st, 2009 by Huth & Booth

1. Images should show the Senior's personality..

Portraits are meant to show the person inside as well as the external likeness. In order to capture this, the subject needs to be relaxed and feel comfortable with the photographer. Taking time to get to know the individual is important. Wearing clothing that reflects the senior's style shows a side of them that is often not caught in a photograph. 


2. It should be a fun experience.


When they are having fun, their smiles are natural, their eyes sparkle, they feel relaxed and look it.
Listening to the type of music they like also helps set the mood. It puts them at ease and the results are better photographs.

3.  Sharing favorite things.

Including in photographs some of the things that make them who they are, makes their photos unique to each senior. Are they interested in music? Do they play an instrument, play a sport, or cheer? Do they have a car they are proud of, or a pet?  These are things they can include in images as part of their Senior Session. The list is endless.

4.  There should be creativity in the capture of the image.


Photographs that are creative make a senior's photos different from their friend's. These photos have the ability to capture the viewer's attention and are remembered after they are seen.



We hope these ideas about what makes good Senior Photography has helped you. Let Huth & Booth capture your senior portraits.