Kids Are Such Fun!!

  • Published August 12th, 2009 by Huth & Booth

LIttle kids are such fun. Last week we photographed a couple of grandchildren for a client and the two choldren were such fun. On top of being adorable, they were so full of life. How I wish I had just a tenth of their energy. Delaney loves to dance and we got her doing pirouettes and hops and twirls. They made for a wonderful splash. What a wonderful memory of this time in Delaney's life.

While we were photographing their grandparents, they had been sitting on this little bench over at the side of the room. They looked so adorable that we just had to photograph them sitting together. I think you will agree, you can really see their personality in this image.

We can do the same for your children and grand children. give us a call, we won't let you down.