• Published May 6th, 2009 by Huth & Booth

Here are a selection of images from our High School Senior sessions this year. Hope you enjoy them and return often to see the new ones.

                                                                          Austin Clark, Plant High School

                             Ryan Brickey, Newsome High School

                                Cory Valencia, Newsome High School

                                                              Aryn Plas

                   Jimmy Reedy, Gaither High School

                      Greg McDaniel, Bloomingdale High School

                                       Kyle Swartz, Newsome High School

                                                             Anna Vuong

                                                                        Breklyn Ballingham

                                                                             Alyssa Martinez

                                                   Lindsey Reed, Newsome High School

                                                                                  Robbie Lee

                                                                           Heather Walton

                                                                            Brandon Knust

Designer Composite

SPLASH Composites