Quick Trip to West Virginia

  • Published May 22nd, 2009 by Huth & Booth

Sorry I haven't been here for a few weeks. I had to make a trip to West Virginia with my daughter to attend a funeral and we were gone from Mother's Day until last weekend. Hope all is well with everyone. I am working on the May Newsletter and coming up with some neat "stuff". If you don't receive the newsletter, go to the E-Newsletter page just above and you can read the archived ones there. We have tried to keep them informational to help you with your own photography. This month's topic is 6 Ways to Better Vacation Photos. I hope they give you some ideas. If you like the Newsletters and want to subscribe, there is a button on the newsletter that will get you on the mailing list.





What makes Senior Photos Exciting

  • Published May 7th, 2009 by Huth & Booth

We are participating in an informative program for seniors and parents of seniors in the Fishhawk Area on May 20 at the Palmetto Club. Our goal that evening is to show that senior portraits need not be boring. That they can be "edgy", elegant, fun or traditional. We have a lot of fun with the kids when they come to the studio. It helps keep us yooung at heart. I am attaching a slide show of some of the last two year's seniors for you to see.

How does a senior show personality - SPLASH

  • Published May 6th, 2009 by Huth & Booth

As you can see our Blog has a new look. We are still trying to figure out the new features and how to make our links work the way they did before. Please bear with us as we approach the learning curve. You will notice we have copied some of the old posts and included them here as we didn't want to lose them. The neat thing about it is that we can now post video on the site. Check out the one of Morgan below. It is Awesome!

Last week we did a Model Portfolio for Morgan and decided to make a "Splash" for her. It is a new Senior Product that we heard about and though Morgan is not yet a senior, we decided her session was perfect for one of these. They can also be made from children's sessions. It is a good way to show some of the many images we do in a session.

Morgan was fun. She had her hair and makeup done by Kim Wirick from South Shore Day Spa & Salon. We did several different clothing changes and were able to capture her personality for the portfolio.

Senior High Boys Outnumber Girls - May 1, 2009

  • Published May 6th, 2009 by Huth & Booth

This year the number of boys photographed for their senior photos have outnumbered the girls. We had a blast! They are such fun and we have been able to get some really unique images for them. Here are two.

Greg Mc Daniel, Bloomingdale High School

Cory Valencia, Newsome High School

f you know any seniors not happy with their "school" senior portraits, from Bryn-Alan, Leonard's or wherever, have them give us a call. We have fun, you can bring your own music and ideas and we will help you express who you are. There is no reason not to have the photos from this special time in your life and have ones you like.


What is Happening at Huth & Booth

  • Published May 6th, 2009 by Huth & Booth

Wow! We hosted the Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce's Networking at Noon along with Doreen and Mike Freid of Robecks Fruit Smoothies and Healthy Eats.

An event that normally lasts an hour went from 11:30 am until nearly 2 pm with good food, lots of laughter and a multitude of door prizes. Over 140 people attended the event and spent quality time networking with other businesses. All three of the sales areas in the photographic studio were occupied by people carrying on serious networking - the purpose of the lunches. The Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce offers many such opportunities free to their members. Each month there are coffees, lunches and after hours.  These are part of the MVPs (Member Value Perks) that you receive as a member of the Chamber. We were amazed at the number of people who came to the lunch and appreciative of the response of the Chamber Community. The lunches are held the third Tuesday of each month and guests are welcome. Call the Chamber for more information. 813-689-1221.

We received the plaque from Jeff Sheffer of IT Solutions. Jeff is co-chair of the Small Business Development Committee at the Chamber. We love Jeff, he has become a good friend over the past three years. We see him everywhere - involved in most everything that happens in Brandon or at the Chamber. Jeff's business was Small Business of the Year in 2007, an honor we were privileged to receive in 2008.

Senior Portraits...Is It Too Late? - April 6, 2009

  • Published May 6th, 2009 by Huth & Booth

Graduation is just around the corner and your senior doesn't look at all like he or she did in June or July when they had their Yearbook portraits done.  Can you still get portaits made? Absolutely! If fact, many seniors have their portraits done during the spring of the year, when they look like they will on graduation. At Huth & Booth we specialize in capturing your senior the way they look now. We allow an hour for our sessions, not the ten to fifteen minutes the "other" photographer gave them last summer. We have many background choices, and are creative in the poses we take. We offer a relaxed, fun environment photographing one person at a time. We can show your senior's personality and what makes them unique. Our price list is easy to read and understand, and we offer 1-2 week delivery of your finished portraits.

Anna Vuong

Jimmy Reedy

Riverview Chamber Bestows Honors - March 20, 2009

  • Published May 6th, 2009 by Huth & Booth

Recently The Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce awarded their annual awards. We are proud to say we have photographed them all here at Huth & Booth sometime in the last three years.

Brown Comfort Systems was awarded the Business of the Year. Recently we photographed Deforest and Shanisha Brown and their boys, Forest and Deven. What a neat family! We had a ball with them. Here are a few of the images.

This is the one of the family.


Congratulate them when you see them.

The Business Person of the Year went to Walt Vickers of St. Law Pest Control Services.  Walt has been very active in the Chamber serving on the Board for three years. Here is an image of Walt and Bonnie we did when they had their family portrait done a little over a year ago.

The Ambassador of the Year this year was Joe Eletto. What a hard worker Joe is! We have known Joe since we joined the Chamber back in 2006. He has his fingers in several pies - Century 21 Beggins and Pure4U. The man nevers quits working as he is always out there for the chamber as an Ambassador.

The Volunteer of the Year is Donna Fore. Anytime the Chamber has a function Donna is there volunteering her time to see the functions are a success. Donna and Pat run PF AutoGlass and Donna sells Mary Kay Cosmetics. She has a busy life. This portrait we took of them last year and it is one of my favorites.

The last award was for Citizen of the Year. Jim Johnson of Mosiac was selected for this honor. Jim was president of the Chamber in 2007. There is not an event in the community that Jim doesn't support. He is in all the Chambers; Brandon, Riverview, and Ruskin and represents Mosiac at all of them. What a big supporter of the community they are. Jim does so much for us all. It is an award that was greatly deserved. We did Jim's portrait for the Chamber and it hung in their office from the year he was President.

Be sure and let any of these winners you see know you are happy for them.