Trends in Children's Photography

  • Published September 17th, 2009 by Huth & Booth

There's always something new out there and we have heard of the newest trend in Child Photography. Instead of using the plain clothing and subdued colors that photographers have traditionally leaned towards, we are now using the bright, psychedelic colors that are favored by the young mothers and clothing manufacturers. Last weekend we were in Fairfax, Virginia, visiting Ed's daughter and his granddaughter's. One just 9 days old.

While we were there, we photographed Addison's three year old portrait. We had a fun time going through her closet and picked a couple of bright outfits to try. Here are our results.

You can see the saturated colors and the fun feel of the images. We also did a more traditional look in the woods with her dog, Cali.

Now having shown you pictures of Addie, we couldn't we couldn't close this post without showing off the new baby and what better way than with her big sister.

More about chldren's photography later. Have a good day.

4 Tips about Good High School Senior Photography

  • Published August 31st, 2009 by Huth & Booth

1. Images should show the Senior's personality..

Portraits are meant to show the person inside as well as the external likeness. In order to capture this, the subject needs to be relaxed and feel comfortable with the photographer. Taking time to get to know the individual is important. Wearing clothing that reflects the senior's style shows a side of them that is often not caught in a photograph. 


2. It should be a fun experience.


When they are having fun, their smiles are natural, their eyes sparkle, they feel relaxed and look it.
Listening to the type of music they like also helps set the mood. It puts them at ease and the results are better photographs.

3.  Sharing favorite things.

Including in photographs some of the things that make them who they are, makes their photos unique to each senior. Are they interested in music? Do they play an instrument, play a sport, or cheer? Do they have a car they are proud of, or a pet?  These are things they can include in images as part of their Senior Session. The list is endless.

4.  There should be creativity in the capture of the image.


Photographs that are creative make a senior's photos different from their friend's. These photos have the ability to capture the viewer's attention and are remembered after they are seen.



We hope these ideas about what makes good Senior Photography has helped you. Let Huth & Booth capture your senior portraits.


Is It Too Late for Senior Portraits?

  • Published August 21st, 2009 by Huth & Booth

We've had calls this past week from people looking to have senior portraits taken and worrying about whether it is too late. The only photos that MUST be taken this month and before the middle of September are those that are for the Yearbook. The system here in Florida is that you must go to a "Contract" photographer for this photo. However, you can have your "real" senior Photos done anytime during your senior year and Huth & Booth can do those for you. Give us a call and we can talk with you aout the specials we are offering and about the fun we have here.

This past week we photographed Chelsea, a senior at Riveview High Schoo,l and I am including some of her images here for you to see. Her Splash is really fun and the composite has some of our favorites.

I'll be back next week with some more fun stuff. Stay tuned in.

Kids Are Such Fun!!

  • Published August 12th, 2009 by Huth & Booth

LIttle kids are such fun. Last week we photographed a couple of grandchildren for a client and the two choldren were such fun. On top of being adorable, they were so full of life. How I wish I had just a tenth of their energy. Delaney loves to dance and we got her doing pirouettes and hops and twirls. They made for a wonderful splash. What a wonderful memory of this time in Delaney's life.

While we were photographing their grandparents, they had been sitting on this little bench over at the side of the room. They looked so adorable that we just had to photograph them sitting together. I think you will agree, you can really see their personality in this image.

We can do the same for your children and grand children. give us a call, we won't let you down.

Senior Spotlight

  • Published July 17th, 2009 by Huth & Booth

We've been trying too get thiis written since the end of last week. We had the greatest session with Jacob Bukaweski from Newsome HIgh School. Jacob plays the cello and swims and dives. A very versitile young man. We had a fun time doing some unisual images with the cello. Not your typical poses. Here is one.

Isn't this cool? We also use lighting that was a little more dramatic on one and it turned out to be a favorite.

The last is a template that we used for his wallets. It is a bit different. More like a littlle usiness card. Again, we think it was cool.

I am going to attach the IPod Slide SHow we made from Jacob's Session.Hope you enjoy it. If you know a senior comingup for 2010, have them give us a call. 813-571-2100.

What DId You Do On the Fourth?

  • Published July 5th, 2009 by Huth & Booth

How was your Fourth? Did you gather with family, barbeque and swim and then go to watch the local firewolrks? We had a great day. We started out watching the Parade up in Brandon. Then we went by the Mall for the Brandon Blast, did a little shopping and came home for a quiet end of the afernoon. Then about 8 we went up to the Hilton to take some images of the front of the building just at dusk and ended up at Costco to watch the Brandon Fireworks.  It was a super day. I have made a small slide show of the images we took during the firework display. Hope you enjoy it. If you do, please comment, we sometimes wonder if anyone reads these blogs or if we are just taking up air space. Thanks.

Fun Slide Shows

  • Published July 3rd, 2009 by Huth & Booth

For a couple of months now we have been able to produce our own little slide show from sessions. Here is one we did for Brandon when he was here a few months back. Here's one of the images from Brandon's session and the slide show/video from the session. Enjoy!